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SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Today every individual has a mobile or a smart phone which companies use as a marketing weapon. SMS are read in less than 2 minutes which makes them high convertible. SMS marketing has become popular for marketing products direct to the consumer.


Confusing , frustrating and repetitive SMS makes the receiver to delete the SMS which causes loses to companies in terms of cost and time. Due to this, arises need for proper SMS marketing which allows an individual to read the SMS


We make use of our SMS gateway which deals with effective SMS marketing by crafting SMS with proper content and making customer understand what he has to do next after reading SMS, helping the company to gain customers

Our Capabilities

SMS Marketing

We create several campaigns for a company according to its needs where target customers are sent emails regarding company's services and products, offers & discounts.

Promotional SMS

We will help you promote your business by creating efficient and short message that will help you target right customers who are intrested in your business and create high conversions.

Transactional SMS

Transactional emails are essential way of interaction with application. Notifications, signups for newsletters, forgot password are some of the transactional SMS we deal with.

Build New Audience

Our SMS gateway API and sophisticated text message marketing software guarantee you not only the cheap SMS rates but also the "real" benefits of SMS mobile marketing. We will help you build your new customers.