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Solutions for Retailers

Today every retailer needs some software tools to connect to the new customers and enhance customer services. Whether it's a small shop , departmental store or mall we can help you in effective merchandising, maximise customer services and profits and meet ever changing demands with our retail solutions

Inventory Management

Our inventory system will take care of your products. You can add, update or delete records of your products. It will keep track of your stocks , will notify you probable time ,the stock will lasts, so that you can bring in the new stock. We also provide a label management software that will help you label your products.

Order Management & Online Billing

We can help you build an online order management & billing software or an online store which takes care of all your confirmed and cancelled orders, sales and purchases, shipping, refunds, invoices, customer care and help you keep records of your suppliers, distibutors, customers.It also gives you the demographic reports based on your sales.

Asset tracking and identification

Our team builds reliable solution for your asset tracking which involves tracking movement of physical goods using barcodes, RFID's or QR codes. For billing purpose your products are scanned using barcodes, Qr codes and prices & product information are displayed on your screen