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E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is old traditional but very highly effective way of getting new customers know about your products and services. Due to it's high open rates, many big companies follow email marketing tactics to spread word about their products to the audience.


Lack of content and confusing emails, bad subject lines drives away customers without even looking at your email due to which arises a need of proper email marketing which transforms readers into customers.


Arcelor makes all email marketing campaigns a success by providing clear content of what the email is about along with catchy subject line which makes the customers click through and read your emails.

Our Capabilities

Email Campaigns

We create several campaigns for a company according to its needs where target customers are sent emails regarding company's services and products, offers & discounts.

Email Activity Tracking

We have tools that help us track user email activity. It tells us whether the user has read , deleted or clicked on buy buttons in emails. This behaviours help us to convert them into customers.

Integrate API

We also help you integrate email-marketing softwares like mail-chimp into your website for easy signups for your newsletters, or daily blogs etc.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are essential way of interaction with application. Notifications, signups for newsletters, forgot password are some of the transactional emails we deal with.